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Default Re: :|Individual RP: Zolar|:


Ranger Micah Hawthorn


The Stantler turned its antlered head as Typhlosion ran, circled by fire. When Typhlosion spun and finally hit the deer-like Pokemon, the latter was knocked down for only a second, but sprung right back up as though Flame Wheel was weakened: Intimidate must have taken effect.

"Looks like Physical moves won't work well against this guy!" Micah said, a little playful smirk on her face.

When Stantler got on its hooves, the top of its head began glowing bright blue, and it charged straight at Typhlosion. The food floating around dropped to the forest floor: the fun and games were over.


Name: Zolar
Location: Woods


Encounters Remaining: 13
Items: Parkballs (x5)

=Trainer's Pokemon=

Pokemon: Typhlosion
Name: Burn-Out
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Naughty
Status: In Battle
Health: 100%

Pokemon: Flygon
Name: Sky-Gone
Gender: Male
Ability: Arena Trap
Nature: Jolly
Status: In Ball
Health: 100%

=Battle Info=

Zolar's Typhlosion
(Blaze, Male, Naughty)
Attack used: Flame Wheel

Wild Stantler
(Intimidate, ???, ???)
Attack being used: Zen Headbutt

=Expedition Info=

Pokemon Encountered: Lickitung (???) Stantler (???)

Pokemon Caught: None
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