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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

Delibird had been damaged by the Flamethrower all right, but also had brought out a berry from its pouch. I didn't really know what it was to be honest.

"Infernape, before it eats the berry or does something else, quickly use Will-O-Wisp to inflict a slight burn on Delibird, then use Scratch to weaken it a bit, but make sure you don't knock it out," I said.

Infernape nodded, and shook away the ice like thng that had settled down on his body after Delibird's attack. Infernape didn't take too long to execute its Will-O-Wisp attack. The flames on his body, which were a second before bright yellow and orange turned a shade of strange ghostly blue. The fires danced in the air, and it looked more like a ghost type attack rather than a fire type attack, though in reality it was the latter.

Infernape opened his mouth wide and let out a thin wisp of the same coloured bluish flame like the rest of his body, which shot straight towards Delibird, and its purpose was to afflict a burn on Delibird. The burn wouldn't be too severe though, and it wouldn't cause too much damage, though enough to weaken Delibird a bit.

Infernape then rushed towards Delibird with his arm raised in the air, as I pulled out a Park Ball from inside my pocket. This wasn't same as a Hyper Ball or Super Ball I had previously used. Instead of the golden-black top part of the Hyper Ball or the bright blue top part of the Super Ball the Park Ball had a dark green top part. I pushed the small round button in the middle of the thin band that separated the top half from the white bottom half, so that the ball enlarged quickly.

As Infernape came close to Delibird, he raised his arm further and lunged straight at Delibird aiming to scratch Delibird with his nails, though at the same time holding back a bit so that Delibird wasn't knocked out. At the same time, I threw the Park Ball at Delibird, hoping that it would be captured.


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