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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Trainer Brisbane
Outer HEaven

Aw man, just what I needed. Two silly Pokemon angry at me- well, not really me, but doesn't really matter. They were threatening the poor Pidgey, and I wouldn't let it slide.

"I don't want them, and I wouldn't catch such bullies anyway," I replied to my Ranger while standing up and stretching a little. "However, I'll take care of this. My Flygon could use some workout, and I'm curious to try something..."

I tossed a green Pokeball in the air, an elaborated stripe pattern going from the button on the upper surface of it. It blew open, and a giant figure soared in the sky, taking an exhilarating flight around the pillar. She then roosted on the ground, nuzzling her giant head over my side. "Yeah, yeah, I'm happy to see you too Vibrada, but we got some work to do." She chirped cheerily before taking a look at her opponents. "You see those two Spearow? Well, they had the nerve to scare this poor little Pidgey away from its nest," I explained while pointing at the cowering pidgeon behind Blaid, the Scizor.

For a second, the sand dragon was... mesmerized. The cute little bundle of feathers was shivering a little at the appearance of the dragon, not to count the angry Spearow, and I just knew how my Flygon liked this kind of things. I could swear her pupils took shape of hearts for a second there!

I just had to chuckle under my breath, and then continued. "Those two birds bullied him away, can you conceive that?"

The desert spirit turned around, glowering at the two sparrows, a hidden blaze lighting her heart. The great wings flapped restless as the long, slender green tail thumped rhytmically on the ground. I smiled. The show was about to start.

But Marshmallow-san didn't know! I'd better warn him. "Erm, I guess I really riled her up," I said. "She's about to summon a sandstorm, which probably won't be pleasant for you. I'm sure your Scizor will be fine, as long as he won't try to take flight, but I'm worried about the Pidgey. Can you make it stand still and calm it down? I think I can handle this."

I then drew from a hidden pocket a pair of googgles and put them on- this was going to be fun.

A high wail resonated in the pillar, my Flygon's cry, as she mystically prayed with her head held high. I was curious to see how she would manage to conjure a sandstorm this high, since these pillars had no small debris for her to use, to my knowledge at least. Maybe it was a bad idea to call her, seeing this, but well, I started, so I had to see it end.

Suddenly, a huge chunk of dirt flew right past the border of the pillar, shooting up like a rocket, then it broke down and started spiraling around the Pokemon, en eeire sound filling the area. Still glowering at the two Pokemon, she flapped her wings and the debris followed the movements, disperding in the air and creating a twister. The funnel cloud darted towards the Pokemon as I, surprised, answered my question.

OoC: there, done. Finally, too. I'm not really interested in a couple of Spearow- by the way, it IS only one encounter, right?- but, in the light of the ruckus happening, I want to try my hands at fighting 'em off.

EDIT: at this point in time, this run was a failure for me so imma claiming that Drifloon.
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