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Default Re: Individual RP: Brizer

OOC: Here goes nothing xD

IC: Rastapopulous got out of the bright yellow Jeep with a groan. He had no desire to be in this abandoned hole-in-the-wall. A power plant that had been left to the ravages of decay? Not really his cup of tea. His eyes grimaced behind his large sunglasses as he began to make his way up the pathway to what he knew would be a frivolous journey of frustration and turmoil. "I really should not have let the guys talk me into this. That last trip to Oktori was awful.", Rastapopulous said, looking at the pack that he carried his Pokeballs. "Here goes nothing, I guess"

He sighed as he rounded the corner, seeing what appeared to be a trainer or ranger or sorts, standing next to her Golduck. "Are you my ranger?" He asked, happy to see that amidst this journey that he was already dreading, at least his ranger was a nice looking girl this time. He hoped she was single, then at least something good could come out of this trip, even if he couldn't catch any good Pokemon.

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