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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

Infernape had done pretty well, even though he hadn't caused much damage this time round, he had followed my instructions perfectly.

Delibird, however, seemed to be pretty clever. It had cleverly used its Sitrus Berry to execute a Psychic-type Natural Gift, causing considerable amount of damage to Infernape.

A second later, the Sitrus Berry which had just been used up has started reforming in Delibird's hand automatically.

"Hey, that's cheating literally," I said, as Delibird used Recycle to the magically reform its Sitrus Berry. As the ball sucked up Delibird, Delibird started struggling and the ball fondly broke open against its resistance.

Delibird came out and lunged towards the Park Ball, scooping it up it started to lower its hand in its small gift pouch.

"Wait," I shouted suddenly. "You…thieving bird," I spluttered. "You're not living up to your Santa Claus-like image, are you?" I said.

I didn't know if Delibird understood or not, but it clearly was shocked at the taunt I had just blurted out. As a result it carefully drew out its hand from inside the pouch, the ball still clutched tightly in its hand.

I just wanted to keep it distracted, so that I could catch it. I quickly pulled out another Super Ball, though I wasn't sure if this was worth using on Delibird, but simply shrugged my shoulders and threw the ball straight at Delibird, who got sucked up into it with a flash of red light, and the ball closing shut fell on the ground and started wriggling…

OOC: Btw, Snover will be Male. Happy now? D:


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