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Default Re: Individual RP: Brizer

IC: "Well, I guess the generators are where all the fun'll be at, right?" Rastapopulous smirked behind his shades. He took out a toothpick and began to chew, pulling his leather cowboy hat snugly over his head as if it was born to be there. "By the way, it is Greek." He said before smugly walking down the hallway, leaving his ranger close behind. "If I have to do this, might as well do it fast!" He called, his voice echoing throughout the dank hallway back to the Ranger.

Rastapopulous did feel a slight excitement in his gut. If he could snag a could Pokemon out of this trip, it would all be worthwhile. "And otherwise I'm just wastin' my time, right?" He said aloud, listening to the vibratos of his voice bouncing off the walls. He spun around to the Ranger, growing slightly impatient as his toothpick grew thin and split, falling to the ground a splintery mess. "Are you comin' or what?"

Near: Brizer, I NEED YOU ...damnit. Wow that sounded pretty gay
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