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Default Re: [PVS] A Possible Alternative to Smogon Tiers

Originally Posted by Max211 View Post
Dragoon; as soon as the Stealth Rock modifications are finished I'll see if I can get started on finding a new "balanced" team number, seeing as 72 will be a bit too high now. Think I should start a "challenge finder" thread in the group?
Why don't we wait until the new numbers are done. I can use the same method I did last time to give an initial ballpark number for a team value and go from there.

Originally Posted by takeru takaishi View Post
You know I rather like this idea, with the few tweaks mentioned and a few things sort out here and there i don't see why this could not be a most enjoyible way of battling, I wish you good luck.
Well, even if a handful of people like it then my work had some meaning to it ;)
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