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Default 3m0d0ll's ASB Gym information.

.summon royal subjects.
--Gym thread--

.S T A T

W/L/D --- 0/0/0

C o m p l e t e P o s s i b l e R o s t e r
Own | Part of Roster
Tentacruel - Clear Body
Metagross - Clear Body
Klinklang - Clear Body
Banette - Cursed Body
Froslass - Cursed Body
Jellicent - Cursed Body
Rapidash - Flame Body
Magcargo - Flame Body
Magmortar - Flame Body
Chandelure - Flame Body
Volcarona - Flame Body
Dewgong - Ice Body
Glalie - Ice Body
Walrein - Ice Body
Glaceon - Ice Body
Vanilluxe - Ice Body

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