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Default Re: Individual RP: Mitsuko-Kun

"Let's go to the other side of this lake," my Ranger decided. I looked back at Clefable but it had disappeared, most likely into the tree with the Cleffa. Looking back at my Ranger, I noticed he was squinting at something across the lake on the wall. I checked it out myself, it seemed to be glowing. I didn't have a clue what it was, though, I'd never been here before and never seen anything like it.

Suddenly a shrill cry disrupted my train of thought. "Espy!" it rang out, and I turned to see a slender pink feline perched upon the same tree that Clefable and the Cleffa disappeared into. The gem of its forehead glistened in what little light was in the cavern, similar to that of a Tentacruel. It gracefully began walking down the side of the tree towards us.

"How adorable," I smiled, "but I'm not particularly interested in an Espeon. Can we go and check out that glowing thing on the wall?"
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