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Default [Survivors] Name of the Game

Name of the Game

As you all know, or I hope so, that Survivors URPG Tournament will start on the 10th of January, which is pretty soon when you come to think of it. So, before it starts, I'd recommend everyone to do the following things:

Read the Rules How do you think you'll do in the game if you don't know the rules...

Check Out the Tribes You should know who you're playing with and against.

How to Contact Your Tribemates In the need of an AIM screen name to strategize against your enemies?

Useful facts (Survivors in a nutshell)

-Tribes compete against each other in two types of challenges:

Prize challenges - award an useful prize for the tribe/individual player

Immunity challenges - award the immunity of not getting eliminated in the Tribal Council

-Losing tribe of the Immunity Challenge goes to Tribal Council, in which they will vote out one member.

-Players gets eliminated one by one.

-Contests vary from talented story writing to battles with interesting concepts.

-No one is safe when in Tribal Council unless the person owns the Immunity icon

-The tournament lasts until only one Survivor is left.

Get Ready for an URPG Tournament of a lifetime!

Ideas/comments/concerns = MrJoelIT or PM me.
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