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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing

"Great job, Drack," I exclaimed when I saw how the ball of electricity hit the Crawdaunt, causing it to wince in pain. But what was unexpected was Crawdaunt's follow up to Drack's Thunder Wave. While making use of the fact that the move had not worked to its full effect yet, Crawdaunt launched itself at Drack and began showering a series of blows.

"Hang on there, Drack!" I then shouted, quickly searching my bag for the last Max Potion I had left as I saw Drack got pushed back and was now lying on the floor, barely able to get up. Bruises could be seen all over its body, with blood oozing out of some parts of its body.

I ran towards Drack, right hand holding onto the spray bottle of Max Potion. Right next to Drack, I could hear how it was already struggling to even breathe properly. But it did not look like it was going to give up, staring as ferociously towards the Crawdaunt.

"This will make you feel better," I whispered into Drack's ears, quickly spraying all of the fluid at Drack's injuries. Drack's closed its eyes to enjoy the comfort it got from the fluid. Once in a while, there was a sharp stinging pain but it would soon go away and a gush of ecstasy would rush through its body.

"Use Dragon Rage immediately right after you've recovered. Catch it in surprise," I murmured into Drack's ears again. Drack nodded, and started taking heavy breaths again, this time in preparation of the next move. Mouth closed, Drack hid the core of orange energy within it as it concentrated in increasing the intensity of the move. Once it felt better, it was going to release the full blast of the power straight at the Crawdaunt. And with that thought in its head, it let out a sinister grin...
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