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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing

"Good job, Drack!" I shouted, upon seeing how the attack had damaged Crawdaunt to quite a huge extent, despite the Crawdaunt trying its best to douse what it thought were Fire moves.

"Now use Aqua Tail to further weaken it!" I commanded next. Despite the previous move, Crawdaunt was still looking pretty fit for battle. Yet, with all the damage inflict upon it, it must be feeling a little tired already. I had to be more careful with my selection of moves.

Drack let out another one of its roar and started preparing for the move. Its tail started glowing blue as water started gathering round Drack's tail. The process was made much faster given how the Crawdaunt had made the ground wet by using Surf earlier. Then without any hesitation, Drack made a run towards the Crawdaunt, while preparing to take a swipe at the Crawdaunt with its tail...

With that, I got an empty Super Ball out of my trainer bag and held it on my hand, ready to throw it at the Crawdaunt...
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