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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing

"Nel, quickly do something, before Dragonite chokes to death," said Iridium after watching how Crawdaunt had one of its sharp pinsirs clasped onto Drack's neck, causing it to struggle for breaths.

"Return quickly, Drack!" I commanded, taking out Drack's ball this time and aiming it at Drack, before trying to recall it back into the ball. On the other hand, I had my hand placed on another ball, this one containing my Tad.

"Go Tad!" I continued, getting more nervous with each passing second. The Ludicolo I owned appeared out of its ball swiftly, dancing around happily as it turned to faced its opponent, despite the fact that it was already looking a little tired.

"Use Absorb, Tad!" came my next order. Tad nodded and soon set of to work. Mind on utmost concentration, Tad's eyes stated glowing and all of a sudden, several vines shot from Tad's body and started charging towards the Crawdaunt. My only hope was that, somehow this attack would not cause too much damage towards the Crawdaunt...
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