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Default Re: Individual RP: Brizer


"Well, I guess the generators are where all the fun'll be at, right?" he said, as he turned and began a brisk walk down the hallway, nearly leaving her behind.

"I think I will just call you Rasta..." Ren muttered, as she scurried after him. They headed down the cold, dimly lit hallway, the faint sound of moving machine parts slowly getting louder as it echoed up the hall. They followed this sound, Ren now in the lead with Golduck trailing behind, until the hallway began to widen. In front of them was a very large room that housed many large, dangerous looking machines, their gears still grinding away as if the Power Plant was still in use. A thick barrier of dusty Plexiglas prevented unauthorized personnel (which would now just be wild Pokemon) from getting inside, but it appeared as if the large metal door had been carelessly left open.

Ren took a peek from the open door, and horrified, ran inside. A small Magnemite had gotten one of its magnets caught in the machine parts and was struggling to get free, attempting to break the machine down with small Thundershocks.

"Oh no!" Ren exclaimed, as she dug through her bag for two pairs of insulated rubber gloves that she brought especially for this trip, "We need to get it out before it hurts itself even further!"

Wild Pokemon
??? ? Magnemite w/ ???

Trainer: Rastapopulous
Location: Power Plant
Encounters: 15

Shmataro the Naughty F Tyranitar w/ Sand Stream
EMs- Brick Break, Rock Polish, Substitute, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw, Iron Tail, Avalanche, Hidden Power [Steel], Thunder Wave, Dragon Dance, Superpower, Aqua Tail, Counter

Winston Churchill the Naughty M Snorlax w/ Thick Fat
EMs: Curse, Earthquake, Return, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, Rock Slide, Protect, Surf

Sour Patch the Jolly F Lickylicky w/ Own Tempo
EMs- Substitute, Surf, Swords Dance, Shadow Ball, Attract, EQ, Brick Break, Tbolt, EQ, Ice Beam, Explosion, Psych Up, Hammer Arm. Belly Drum, Wish

Scourge the Impish M Gengar w/ Levitate
EMs- Substitute, Protect, Hidden Power [Fire], Psychic, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Explosion, Focus Blast, Psych Up, Taunt, Will-o-wisp, Trick, Pain Split

Total Items:
6 Park Balls, 5 Super Balls, 3 Hyper Balls, 5 Max Potion, 5 Full Heals
Pokemon Encountered: Magnemite
Pokemon Caught: None

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