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Default Moose's Ménagerie of Miscellaneous 'Monsters {MYSTERY EGG TRADING!!!}

I am only doing small breeds for only certain people. I will only take requests if I have the time, please be patient and courteous!

I have a ton of Mystery Eggs that I will trade for Mystery Eggs!
I have a ton of eggs in both my Diamond AND Black game that I have no idea what will come out of them!
Do you have a few eggs that you randomly breed and forgot was in them? Trade them this way!

Egg for Egg only. DO NOT tell me what is in them!

UT = untouched
T = touched, leveled
^ = female
* = shiny

All should be UT. If I find it isn't I will remove from my list.
Some of my breeds may have experience points via Breeding Center from me checking IVs.

I'm not asking for anything in return for the basic Eevee, donations of rare/starters/mystery eggs/pearl only pokemon would be appreciated. I appreciate males with unique move sets.

I'm in Need of:
Dittos: Adamant, Jolly, Lax

EV'd Pokemon Help, I have the pokemon, need them trained please =)

I can infect anything with Pokerus =)

All my breeds come with Natures UPON REQUEST!

I have tons of Eevee and Togepi! Please take them off my hands! Females are first come first serve =)

Eevee w/Wish

Lapras w/Dragon Dance

Sneasel w/Iceshards

Swinub w/Curse

Most starters!

I also have a few EV'd pokemon. PM for more info

GAMESTP Jirachi 02270 T
WIN2011 Celebi 02211 UT
WIN2011 Suicune Relaxed 02211 UT
WIN2011 Entei Adamant 02141 UT
WIN2011 Raikou Rash 02071 UT
GAMESTP Raikou Rash 01031 UT
GAMESTP Entei Adamant 01171 UT
GAMESTP Suicune Relaxed 01311 UT
SPR2010 Pichu 03050 UT
ASH Pikachu 01301 UT
FAL2010 Mew 10160 UT

I also have a Pikachu w/Surf. Validity is unconfirmed.

HG: 3310 0154 1176
Diamond: 4297 5852 0422
Black: 3439 2406 3942
Black 2: 0991 9566 0589

Like me as a person? FB, you can totally get the latest news about me and contact me directly from here
Also, my cell phone is on my FB, and texting me means trades at most times of day!

XBL- KaMooseKazi

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