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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing

"I think that was Guilliotine," said Iridium after we saw how the Crawdaunt, despite already being very weak, tried to raised its pincers to knock Tad out in one hit. Fortunately for Tad, its quick reflexes against Crawdaunt's fatigue allowed it to skip a little bit to dodge the attack.

"Yeah, fortunately..." I replied, smiling at Iridium while grabbing a ball out of my bag. With Crawdaunt's remaining energy level, surely I would have a higher chance of catching it now.

"Get back, Tad! You've done well," I commanded so as to have a better aim at the Crawdaunt. Tad understood what I was trying to do and swiftly shifted its position while still keeping an eye on the Crawdaunt's movement.

With all preparations done and the Crawdaunt clear in sigh, I aimed carefully at the Crawdaunt and threw the Super Ball as hard as I could towards the Crawdaunt, then waited for the result...
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