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Default Re: Individual RP: Neltharion_deathwing


"Very well then," I said, in response to Nel's reply that he would prefer to leave instead of searching for Remoraid.

We both shook each other hands and smiled at each other warmly, before setting off on the path back towards the Lakes Outpost.

We hadn't walked much when there was the unmistakable flash of lightning, and then a few moments later, the sound of thunder.

"Looks like it's going to rain," I said to Nel. "Maybe we'll take a shortcut," I said, tossing my Pokeball, revealing a brown and yellow Psychic pokemon with large moustaches, and holding a spoon in each of his hands.

"Alakazam, can you Teleport us back to the Outpost?" I asked. Alakazam gave a cry and raised his spoons in the air, and each of us were surrounded by a bluish aura.

We caught sight of a blue fish jumping out of water, before we were surrounded by darkness and then the walls of the Outpost.

"I think that was Remoraid," I said, with a slight grin. "Goodbye then, Nel, and I hope we meet again soon," I said as I directed Nel towards the Teleporter that would transport him to the Docks and his boat back home.


Roleplay Completed!

Name: Nel Death

Location: Great Lakes

Items Retained: 3 x Super Ball, 2 x Full Heal, 1 x Mega Puffin

Pokemon Claimed: Female Rash Poliwrath (9.62%), Male Lax Slowbro (6.49%), Female Adamant Crawdaunt (5.21%)

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