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Default Re: [PVS] A Possible Alternative to Smogon Tiers

Originally Posted by BulletPuncher View Post
Im curious now. Your point allocation seems to be precise. What is it based off of, usage?
It's based off of a mathematical formula I created. The exact formula can be found in the downloadable excel spreadsheet in the first post. It's in it's own tab.

I did, however, make a few minor adjustments for the recent numbers and added a stealth rock weakness modifier, so it will be a little outdated until I get the newest spreadsheet uploaded.

The development of the formula was a long process, but usage isn't a part of it. I basically started off with the damage calculation that Pokemon uses and broke it down to it's most basic variables and went from there. I wanted to have as little subjectivity as possible initially. The movepool values had to be tested a bit because that was the first "subjective" area I ran into, and the abilities are mostly subjective and can be tweaked easily, but other than that I wanted the numbers to do the talking and not opinion.

@Max: I started last time by taking the average of the OU values and the average of the UU values and finding something in that range for a "per pokemon" average. I haven't done that yet, so I don't have a rough number to give. Last time that ended up being a bit high, but it provided a good starting point. If you want to give that a shot yourself feel free. Gonna be a busy weekend for me unfortunately.
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