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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by BlueJello View Post
They both look awesome.

But I love Reshiram. <3

Tsutaja, Zoroark, Reshiram. Man, this region is turning out great!

EDIT: Woah, woah woah.

Reshiram: Res + Ram

Res = Image Quality jargon
Ram = Self explanatory


Zek = PvP Server
Rom = Self explanatory

These really are digital Pokemon!

Additionally, Zekrom...It could also have been inspired by the word Chrome, because he's so shiny <3


Zekrom - Steel/Dark
Reshiram - Flying/Light

If a Light type is confirmed, that is.

So, I'm guessing these are also the English names, as Serebii has it listed as that...And the US site wouldn't list them without their English names, I think. I'm getting both versions, so yeah... <3
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