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Default Re: AIM Auction this Saturday! chatname: chat555bets

Baltoy- TheEvilDookie for $20,000
Paras- Leman for $3,450
Swablu- Shock64 for $23,000
Nosepass- Mythos for $22,000
Makuhita- InfernoFlames for $16,250
Sableye- BlueJello for $17,000
Krabby- Eeveedude for $15,750
Delibird with BM Ice Punch and TM Aerial Ace- EmBreon for $40,000
Torkoal- Haze for $15,000
Gulpin with two TMs- Loyal Arcanine for $30,000
Venonat with two TMs- Gun6 for $52,000
Stantler with two TMs- Ataro for $105,050

Post here to confirm with your deduction, and say what TM you want if you won one of those.
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