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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Haha, Dragons. I knew it!

I think this almost crushes the Light-type theory (yay). Reshiram would be cooler if it had separate arms instead of arm/wings. xD
Don't count it out just yet. It's unlikely, but then again, Nintendo loves pulling surprises ^^' Don't forget about the mysterious, "???" type XP



Well, they look to be new type combinations anyways...Unless Reshiram is Psychic/Dragon. Latias/Latios will be mad XD

Yeah, I love Dragons...But Nintendo is going overboard with them. Make a legendary Poison type! Or Bug! Make a pure Flying type! >.<'[

How about a werewolf legendary? Lol. Or a mermaid. Griffin! Geez. They forget about other mythical creatures.
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