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Default Re: AIM Auction this Saturday! chatname: chat555bets

Eraizaa and InfernoFlames each get a Hard mon for winning, Haze and Leman get a Medium mon for second place. I'll have wages up soon.

Okay, I rolled for everyone who was at the auction or participated in the tournament by battling or reffing. You get to pick a Pokemon from the story category that you were rolled. If I missed you tell me and I will roll you a mon. I will check the log first though. :*

Ataro- Easiest
Flammenwerfer- Medium
BadalCristiano- Easiest
Sec- Simple
Loyal Arcanine- Easiest
Leman- Easiest
Xalapeno- Easiest
SiberianTiger- Medium
NeonSands- Medium
InfernoFlames- Medium
Eraizaa- Easiest
Gun6- Medium
Haze- Simple
Fierce Deity- Simple
LightningFast- Simple
Wrave- Medium
HiPS- Medium
Sec- Simple
Shock- Simple
Anna- Simple
BlueJello- Medium
-PK- Simple
Near- Simple
HelloImKers- Simple
Dust- Easiest
We Taste Pies...- Simple
Shinies- Easiest
Black Hawk- Simple
TED- Easiest
Mythos- Easiest
Emma- Easiest
Eeveedude- Medium
Bumblebee- Simple

Thanks for attending the trainwreck event!

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