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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
Reshiram and Zekrom as English names? Fail D:
Hey now, I think those are cool English names. Besides, it's not the first time they've kept the original Japanese name. Dialga, Palkia, Pachirisu... Hell, the majority of the legendaries kept their Japanese names when crossing over.

But anyway, Dragon-type, huh? I should've figured. XD Dragon-types are always the cool ones. (because Kyogre and Arceus aren't cool enough) Who knows if they'll even be duo-typed? Game Freak likes to pull our legs a lot.

What I think? Dragon-Normal or possibly Dragon-Light for Reshiram, and Dragon-Steel or Dragon-Dark for Zekrom. I still think Dark-Steel would've been totally badass for Zekrom, but oh well. D: They might even introduce trio types, HURPDURP. --slap'd--

As for my view on the Light-type, I think it'd be interesting, to say the least. They're definitely going to go back and change aspects of Pokemon into something we've never even imagined, so I can see it happening. Maybe it could be super effective to and against Dark, resistant to itself, Fire (because fire creates light), and Ghost. Just an idea, though.

OH, and speaking of Ghost...

Off-topic, but I still call it. D:


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