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Default Re: Puh-tree-cee-oh's and Zlpqlz's Shop!! UPDATES!!!

hi there I am interested in your following shinies.
Shiny ManaphyUT (not the ranger one)
Shiny GiratinaUT
Shiny Rayquaza T
Shiny Celebi (10th ans)
Shiny kyorgeUT
Shiny Palkia (hacked)
Shiny dialga (hacked)
Shiny Suicune
Shiny Cyndaquil

I am willing to trade the following ONLY if I get clones back.
Shiny moltres (touched)
Shiny Shaymin (touched)
Shiny Charizard (touched)
Shiny Wartorle or Blastois (touched)
Shiny dragonite touched
Shiny Tyranitar touched
Shiny Salamence touched
Shiny Molotic touched
Shiny aggron touched
Shiny torchicUT
Shiny treecko touched.