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Default Re: Anime/Manga Review

Anime: Read or Die TV Series (ROD the TV)
Watched: All 26 eps
ESRP rating: Everyone to Teen
Genre: Action

Okay, it's the sequel to the OVA. Still coolio magnifico.


Yomiko-chan is kawaii!!!! I'm going to start every paragraph with that...or not. Anyway, the TV series inherited the same art style and gets a little more crisp at certain times, and less crisp at other times, balancing out into the same score as the OVA.



The story is about the three paper sisters Michelle, Maggie, and Anita. They run a detective agency in Hong Kong, and just got their lastest assignment: to guard one of their (they as in Michelle and Maggie) favourite authors,
Sumiregawa Nenene. And thus their story begins.

The plot in itself is fairly interesting, and is enough to keep the action going (more like connecting the different action sequences). I recommend you watch the OVA FIRST to get more background information about the series first.



All of the main characters show a dynamic personality that seems to be fairly realisitc to a certain point. Nothing really too much in that part, tho. I'd have to admit that the villain's VERY well done, a near-perfect portrait of a white (the colour white as referred to by magic: the gathering) villain.



With the paper thing already no original anymore, they made it more original by giving you more powers to toy with! Just seeing the different incarnations of these abilities make it worthwhile to watch.



Fun times, fun times. I'd have to say that ROD the TV is an improvement to the previous OVA, but Yomiko gets much less screen time. :( Oh well, I get to oogle over Michelle instead then. XD

On a serious note, the action was thoroughly enjoyable, and the touching moments in the series were also ridiculously cheesy. Itworked out fine for the series nonetheless. :)


44/50 or 8.8

And the paperuts show that ROD the TV JUST missed the fabled 9.0 mark. seriously, it's a good show still, and definitely a good bang for the anime DVD buck.

- Kenny "Lyrical Rampage" C.
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