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Default Re: Pokemon Black and White

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
They have never released a pure Ground legendary either, they need to get around to doing that.

Anyway, I have some logic onto why there wouldn't be a light type. Psychic is considered 'light'. Another thing, notice how its eyes are blue? I am guessing that it will be an ice type. Pokemon is a little too far into the game to be releasing new types into the Pokemon world. I mean, what are they going to say in Pokemon when they release a Light-Type into the show.

"Wow, I have never heard of a light-type Pokemon!" Ash exclaimed.

"Well, they have never been sighted anywhere except here in [Whatever new region is opened up]!"

And another thing, if you all are hoping for a light-type Pokemon, that means a new format for the Pokemon game. If a new format is released and the game engine will have to take into factor that a light-type exists. There will be little chance of tradeability (I know that isn't a word) with the other D.S games. So, you either leave your other Pokemon on the other game, or not have a light-type and accept that psychic is the light in Pokemon.
Isshu is the name of the region, iirc.

And I wouldn't rule out Pokemon being that weird. Like I said last time:

'Wow, all of a sudden Magnemite is made of STEEL?! Never!'

So... yeah. Pokemon is quite illogical.
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