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Default Re: What are your thoughts on the new female character?

Since I played Yellow as a ten year old (or about that age, maybe a few years younger), and went through the torture of Erica's gym girls saying "No boys allowed", Kris has always been my favorite. I have an undying loyalty towards and love of her. Love her hair, the funky color, and the whole design.
As such, not being able to play her was probably the biggest let down of HG/SS. I do not hate Lyra with a passion, but I find her hat quite annoying. She's probably my least favorite female character, as well.

To be honest, though, I'm so excited for the Gen 5 character. Adorable design, cutesy hair, and the added bonus of her being a little older. I've heard rumors that she'll either be 14 or 17... If she was 17 I'd be really happy, just because it fits closer to my age. It fits with the journey those of us who started playing Pokemon at about age 10 have gone through, by keeping up with the games while growing older and wiser. (and watching as the people who played the game at our age dropped like flies when it wasn't "cool")
Are you an Anomaly as well?
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