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Default Re: [RP] Road Last Traveled - The Fallarbor Town Massacre [PG-13]

Thursday, August 14th - Night


Investigation by Professor Robert Klein
Officer John Frederickson


The front desk told me the man’s name was Robert Klein, one of the ten people that had evacuated from the bus accident on Route 113.

“Excuse me officer, do you know if any lists have been drawn up of possible suspects, complaints about peculiar or abnormal behavior witnessed by other residents?” Robert Klein asked me. “I may not be a private eye or such, but I could probably help at least narrow the search down.”

“Well, I’d at least like to thank you for trying to solve this case,” I told him, bringing out the case file that was growing bigger every day. “Problem is, we don’t have any detectives or crime scene investigators in this small town, so we cops are left to do with what we can. Normally, I wouldn’t be flashing this around to anyone, but we’re already well beyond that point where we stop caring about red tape.”

I opened up the case file, and brought out a few of the reports that I, along with a few of the other officers, had written up regarding the recent murders. Without lab equipment, there was only so much we could do regarding the investigation, but we did have photographs.

“From what we’ve gathered, every dead body usually has the killer’s ‘call sign’ on it,” I told him, finding that pretty obvious detail in everyone’s report. “We’ve come across four, Jigsaw, The Skull, Scarecrow, and Exodus. The last name ‘Severance’ seems to be something of an enigma. I’ve seen the name pop up on some of these cryptic taunt messages that end up being left behind, but ‘Severance’ is the only name that has yet to turn up on any of the bodies. Weird thing is… the messages insinuate he has kills to his name, but we’ve never found the bodies.”

But, I figured I would get back to his question. Possible suspects, I had so few names.

“Problem is trying to connect someone to each of the names,” I told Klein, knowing that was the real issue here. “Scarecrow and Jigsaw usually do a number on their victims and leave them as a bloody mess. Now, I’ve tried to go through the possible people that could be doing this and I figure it must take a hell of a sick mind to do something like that. Problem is, there’s not a damn person in town that would do that. Either that, or they’re doing a damn good job covering it up. I’ve been trying to find reports of psychotic behavior, but I’m pretty limited as to where I’ve gotten. The Wallis family has complained about Gregory Ashcroft being some psychotic bastard, but I haven’t come across anything that clearly connects him to the killings. Susan Devore, Jake Foreman, and Karen White are names I’ve tried to investigate further, but I just don’t see any real criminal activity in those three.”

“As for Exodus, the kills seem to be by circumstance,” I told him, bringing up Exodus’s profile. “Problem is, that could be anyone. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Exodus is the one that caused your bus to crash on Route 113. If we were to go there, we’d probably find ‘Exodus’ splattered all over those people. I’d leave it though. Anyone we send back down that road isn’t heard from ever again.”

“As for The Skull, we’ve found his victims with their necks snapped or with 45mm rifle rounds in them,” I told him, laying it out. “Thing is, there are a lot of rifles that use 45mm rounds. With The Skull, we’re probably looking for some outdoorsman kind of person that may have been a hunter or something like that. Jason Taylor could fit the profile since he knows about firearms, but the problem is quite a few guns can fire 5.56x45mm rounds.”

“Saving the best for last, Severance is a total ghost,” I told him, having next to nothing on him. “His name pops up every now and then when these ‘scoreboards’ come up, but I have yet to see a body with his name on it. He could either be doing a real damn nice job of hiding the bodies, or he’s mainly an accessory to murder. The other possibility is a hiatus in his killing, but I have no idea where there people he’s already killed are.”

With that, I closed the police report files. Unfortunately, that was pretty much all I had. Anything that had some use had been given to him already. The scrap paper with those five insignias on them made it clear there were five killers, but that was about it. I noticed that the same saw blade symbol that was on the scrap paper was in the lower right corner of the scrawl photograph, but I wasn’t too sure what the hell that was supposed to mean.

“That’s pretty much it, Klein,” I told him, “As I said, we don’t have investigators here, but if you’re willing to help us get to the bottom of this, I’ll help you in any way I can.”

Investigation by Jack Peel
Nurse Joy

“Hiya, I've been told about whats been going on here. Is there anything out of the ordinary thats happened other than the murders,” Jack asked me. “Lights in the sky perhaps? Rampaging pokemon? My names Jack Peel, and I'm curious to helping out thats all.”

“It’s a disaster!” I had to tell him. “Every day, it seems like someone shows up dead and I don’t have any idea as to where or why its been happening. No, I don’t think Pokémon would be this cruel, but its possible these poor people could be getting killed by murderers that trained them for this! But how could anyone…!?”

I couldn’t help but cry at the thought of it. These poor people, and the possibility of Pokémon being used for murder!

“I’ll… I’ll let you know… if I find anything…” I told Mr. Peel. “But please, watch yourself. I can’t tell you how many people have offered to help only to become one of… the victims.”

I let Jack know I needed some time alone. This was going too far and too out of control…

Investigation of the Mason Residence by Dylan Lonator

As you step into the Mason Residence, you can clearly feel the homestead has been abandoned for at least nine years. Some of the lamp fixtures still remain, covered with dust, but in general, the rooms are vacant.

The living room and dining room areas show some signs of graffiti on the walls, only you notice that these were done by pens, permanent markers, and white-out. Most of the messages have become blurred, but some of them can still be made out to read “John & Kim Forever,” “The Black Fearows were here,” and “Greg is a jackass.” However, the other messages have become illegible over time or were not easily readable from the start.

On the second floor, you notice more belongings have been left behind in boxes that seemingly have been abandoned and left behind for the new owner of the Mason residence to handle. For some strange reason, the furniture in the second bedroom still remains, which includes an empty desk, a dusty lamp, many boxes of decorative china, and two boxes filled with old photograph paper that was never used.

As you follow the Mason House photograph and arrive at the circled indication, you notice that the circle highlights the master bedroom, and that there is in fact a box that was left behind the fourth window from the left. Inside are multiple portraits of the Mason Family, as well as many old papers that crumble in your hands. However, one paper out of the bunch remains relatively intact, though difficult to read:

Evidence #4 - The Mason Residence Letter

The only other objects of significance are several black and white photographs of Xavier Mason. Coincidently, a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda appears in all of them.


Bill Hampers

I recently brought a Remington 870. I had a Furret and a pet Meowth that my ex-girlfriend threw in my face after she left me, but I didn’t trust either of them with protecting my ass. Not when we had people getting cut up into pieces. A cute face was something these killers would wear as a hat when they hacked it off.

I didn’t trust anyone either. Not even the cops. Especially that bastard Hines who I swore the cops were covering for him. I just wanted to be left the hell alone, who the devil couldn’t get that through their head?

For now, I just got back to work running the store, but I always kept the shotgun close within my reach. Meanwhile, I only got a few customers a day, but I kept my eye on them and closely tracked each thing they brought.

You’d be surprised the kinds of gruesome things you could do with simple hardware tools…

Kevin Jackson

I had to be alert. I told Samantha that Paul absolutely had to stay inside, no matter what. Meanwhile, Samantha had to keep watch on me while I took care of the field. I didn’t even let Paul go to school, not when this was going on. If it ended up with him being homeschooled, so be it. I had lost my respect for Fallarbor’s school district anyway. The way Paul’s teacher Mr. Cook shouted at him and then yelled at me was deplorable. I recently heard that he had gone missing, but for once, I could care less about his personal safety. That maniac insulted my son over his failure to teach.

I continued to water the field, gritting my teeth in anger. I kept watching the window as well, feeling as if I needed to keep an eye on Samantha to make sure she was keeping an eye on me. Once I found out that she had taken her gaze off of me, and I could have been swept away by these insane murderers and she never would have known until it was too late. There were times when I truly questioned her loyalty to the family, and just the thought of it kept me in contempt as I watered the field.

I was thinking about talking to the Principle Jonathan Yardly regarding Mr. Cook, and insisting that his tenure be revoked, regardless of how poor the school was operating. I was not about to have my son’s grades reflect the bias that was coming from that man’s mouth. However, my thoughts were rudely interrupted when I suddenly stepped into something soft and wet. When I looked down, I saw blood… everywhere. In shock, I dropped the hose, noticing that the man who this used to be had been horrifically butchered. His head and arm had been sawn off, while horrific gashes were ripped throughout his body.

A small area of his jacket had the word:

Frantically, I turned back to the window to try and signal Samantha to call the police.

And when I needed her most… she was no longer watching…


Desmond "Dez" Hewgill – Played by mightydes
Jack Peel – Played by Altrius
Angela Feyr – Played by Grsspkmnmaster
Dylan Lonator – Played by Dylan
Professor Robert Klien – Played by Mewcario
Elizabeth "El" Amarese (AH-mah-rees) – Played by Draconic Espeon
Adelaine “Dela” Nikkol Jacobsma – Played by Tiana M
Trey Neverson – Played by ashketchum
John Kenwood – Played by Necros
Allen Thaddeus St. James – Played by Lonsie

Officer John Frederickson (1)
Officer Dave Conrad (1)
Matt Dietrich (2)
Hank Underhill (2)
Peter Fields (2)
David Coopers (3)
Kevin Jackson (5)
Samantha Jackson (5)
Paul Jackson (5)
Dennis Carver (6)
Mary Carver (6)
Dr. Kyle Vickers (7)
Dr. Robert Hammond (7)
Dr. Morgan Smith (7)
Eric Baker (8)
Harry Freeman (8)
Susan Devore (8)
Timothy Jones (8)
Nurse Joy (10)
Gregory Ashcroft (11)
Nathan Wallis (12)
Janine Wallis (12)
Joseph Miller (14)
Sam Fender (15)
Barry Gallo (15)
Bill Hampers (16)
Mac Livingston (17)
Jake Foreman (17)
Jason Taylor (18)
Sheriff Michael Sanders (19)
Officer Jenny (19)
Officer Hides (19)
Patrick Darrens (20)
Principal Jonathan Yardly (21)
Mrs. Karen White (21)
Mr. Donald Cook (21)
John Culver (22)
Samantha Culver (22)
Thomas Culver (22)
Fred Callahan (23)
Oswald Lanterman (24)
Jacob Henderson (24)
Sonya Harding (24)
Paul Walker (24)
Ben Quincy (24)
Albert Valdez (25)
Brad Coleman (25)
Stacy Henderson (25)
Jean McKnight (27)
James McKnight (27)
Wendy Lawrence (28)
Pastor Richards (29)
Father Joshua Hines (29)
Sister Abigail Rosemary (29)
Daniel McNeal (30)
Maria McNeal (30)

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