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Since when do appliances talk? oO

Wow, even Grassy's game consoles don't get along. =^-^'=

You know, I agree that Nintendo builds sturdy consoles. On X-Play a few years back, Morgan did some testing on the Xbox, PS2, and Gcube. After being stepped on, dropped, and hit with a sledgehammer, the Gcube was the only one that still worked.
And there was a Gameboy anniversary edition of Nintendo Power recently. A soldier sent back a Gameboy after the truck it was in was blown to pieces. It looked like a mess, but they fitted a new screen in it and the thing still turned on. oO
Oh, and my little sister's DS lite got stepped on, or something, on her bedroom floor. The corner over the power light broke off and the lid is hanging on by half a hinge, but I still use it for trading. XD
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