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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Ninaiso View Post
Every one of you have such amzing banners! I feel so small...
Yours is really nice Zodeon pretty effective and dynamic in effects! 8/10!

Here um is my first banner! never tried this before so be easy on me. ^^;

Here is a version with official art
Image is really choppy. I am sure you tried to smudge it to make it blend cuz i can see smudging on the nose. Backgrounds I alright its pretty plain I see you did the the motion blurring. Text is alright I recommend better placement. The text for me is the focal with is alright if you want me to mainly stare at the text. its your first banner so theirs room for improving good job, :)

I HAD TO DO THIS. It expresses im sure ALMOST everyones feelings.

BTW I want you to read the text xD
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