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Default Re: [RP] Road Last Traveled - The Fallarbor Town Massacre [PG-13]

OOC: You can’t really consider missing people dead until you know they’re dead, Tiana. And its no problem, I added Phillips.

And yeah, it would help if people just stuck with one investigation post between narrations. I’ll make an exception this time, but you’ve got to give me a chance to provide feedback. Otherwise, I’m only going to consider the first one, because I’ve noticed that people are pretty much using absolutely every single RP post to investigate or whatever.

I’m okay with people posting multiple times between narrations, but one investigation only, please.

Friday, August 15th - Day


Investigation by “J” John Kenwood
Officer Jenny

This guy was creepy. I listened to J’s rabble for a solid fifteen minutes about his drawn conclusions from the scrap paper evidence and the scrawl that he interpreted to be some kind of logic puzzle, and he somehow figured out about how many kills “Scarecrow,” and “Exodus” and this guy, and that guy and so on had to their name.

“Maybe you have some more evidence to share with me?” J asked me, thinking this was probably funny to him. “Something you’re holding back from outsiders? If so, I believe its in your best interests to cooperate and show it to me openly. Unless you’re Jigsaw, of course, seeing as your name is Jenny and begins with a J. Much like mine. Nice to meet you by the way,”

“Oh yeah?” I snapped at him, finding that accusation distasteful. “How do we know you’re not Jigsaw? Listen, pal, this evidence is police property, and I don’t have to show you anything. Now, you’ve drawn up a lot of conclusions, and while that’s great, I need more than just theories, you know. I tried working out that scrawl for hours, and to me, its just some dumb logic puzzle, and god only knows how much I hate those.”

I didn’t trust J. Normally I’m pretty open to people, but this guy… ugh, he was just getting on my nerves now. He was one of those ten bus riders that supposedly came from Route 113, and there was just something so utterly wrong with him. I couldn’t believe he thought I was Jigsaw. Why would I tear up people like that? That was just insulting in itself, and I had very little patience for people that did that kind of thing. There was no motive and I could just see this guy trying to finger and point at everyone in town.

“Listen, J, or whatever your name is,” I told him, getting to the thick of it, “you’ve got a lot of audacity to come in here and start accusing police officers when you barely know what’s going on here. I’d sooner trust Officer Hines or Sheriff Sanders than I would trust you. If you want evidence, go to them. I’ve looked over that junk ten times over and I couldn’t possibly tell you anything you don’t know already. So quit wasting my time, I’ve got work to do.”

After that, I got up and prepared to head back to the streets. Personally, I would have liked to spend my lunch break doing something else besides talking to this creep.

Investigation by Desmond Hewgill
Outside the Mason Residence

As you investigate the outside of the Mason plantation, you notice that a large field that hasn’t been worked in a long time lays out for many acres. However, upon searching this field, you don’t find anything of any real value.

Besides the house is a broken-down fenced area that was likely used for livestock before the Masons moved. However, searching this area does not reveal anything either.

Around the house itself, it appears the house was generally well-maintained before the Masons left it, but no work has been done since they left nine years ago. The paint is starting to chip off and crack, and the wood underneath it is also breaking away.

Investigation by El Amarese
Officer John Frederickson

A tall black-haired girl named “El” had come to me, offering to help with the investigation. After having spoken to Professor Klein, I welcomed anyone that tried to make my job a little easier. Especially now.

“The names... aren't those all names of killers in scary movies?” El asked me, thinking about the call signs the killers were using. “Did anyone else notice that? Or look into any similarities between the characters in the movies and the people living here in Fallarbor? It could give us more leads, if nothing else.”

“I wouldn’t know, I never watch any of that,” I told her bluntly. “Most of the time I’m here doing overtime, and I only have the Netflix Limited Plan of two DVDs a month. Whether these killers were inspired by movies, its possible. Wouldn’t be the first time. Don’t mind me asking, but what movies were you thinking of?”

Some officers would have consider it stupid to look at movies for answers, but if these killers got inspiration for them, it might actually help us in a way.

Investigation by Professor Robert Klein
Kevin Jackson

I was beginning to lose it. The man was dead, I barely knew who he was and before long, someone had approached me. I quickly stepped back, though I was more than prepared to defend myself.

“Hello! Are you okay?” The man asked me.

“Okay?” I asked him, knowing I was as far from that as possible. “There’s a dead body here! They killed another one!”

“Jigsaw, roman numeral seven.” He said, looking at the man’s jacket.

I felt the need to back off. The sight, the smell, and just the very presence of that corpse on my field was making me sick. And who was this man?

“I think we need to get you to the police station,” He told me, “Standing out here in the open fields over a corpse isn't the safest of places.”

“No!” I shouted at him, backing away, “No, I don’t know who you are or what you’re doing on my property. I… I can go to the police myself. I don’t need you… whoever you are. I…”

I looked back up to the window to see if Samantha was there, but she was still gone. Was she getting the police? Or was the person who did this now in my house… doing something to her!? I turned to see the man calling forward a Mismagius and a Lucario from their Pokéballs, but I still didn’t trust him. I immediately ran back toward the house, knowing I had to find her.

Investigation by “Dela" Nikkol Jacobsma
Officer Stan Phillips

The situation had been a mess. Frankly, I appreciated these people trying to help, but I looked over at Officer Jenny, who was having a pretty rough disagreement with one of the bus riders that had recently stepped into town.

“Pardon me, officer,” A young lady addressed me.

“Officer Stan Phillips,” I told her, giving her my name. “What can I do for you?”

“I was looking at your bulletin board, and I couldn’t help but notice that a number of the people either dead or missing had been staying at the Salvatore apartments,” she continued, “do you think that’s coincidence? I was trying to decide where to spend the night.”

I hadn’t taken note of that. Truthfully, I’ve only had to enter that building once or twice, so I didn’t know much about what went on there. First time, it was when a neighbor complained that the neighbor was playing loud music during the night, and the second time was actually for possession of illegal firearms. Other than that, I didn’t know much about the building.

“Can’t say I’ve noticed that myself, but I’ll look into that,” I told her, “As for a place to spend the night, try the Fallabor Bed and Breakfast. Most of the Pokémon Coordinators use it to spend the night before the day of the Pokémon Contests, but its open to everyone.”

“Well, if you need anything else or you find something strange, drop me a line,” I told her, handing her my business card. “Stay safe out there and try not to travel alone if you can. I’ve got to get back on patrol, but if you call me and I’m not around, leave a message on my voice mail. I’ll get around to it.”

After that, I made the move to head out. Couldn’t help but think about that Salvatore building though. I figured I might want to check that out myself…

Investigation by “J” John Kenwood
Wendy’s Flower Garden Exterior

After examining the front of the store, you can see that the store has particularly vibrant displays of flowers, and considering the store is next to the church, you can see that the owner likely does well because of it. Regardless, the store is still very quaint and isn’t anything grandiose.

From examining the back, you notice that Wendy does grow her own flowers despite the fact that most of the area behind the store is the church cemetery. You notice that the flowers grown here are well-kept and it appears that Wendy is also very tidy with her tools, appropriately arranging them by size and shape on the tool rack by the back door.

You also notice several cigarette butts, several unopened bags of potting soil, mulch, fertilizer, and weed and pest deterrents.


Pastor Richards

I wanted the night alone. I had done Gregory Ashcroft’s confessions, a conversation that felt more like a therapy session than a penance with God. It had lasted three hours, and truthfully, I had enough of hearing that man’s gripes of the world, but still feeling the need to be forgiven for his sins. The whole process was pointless if he was still willing to commit the same sins time and time again. He was wasting our time and God’s time.

I headed out the back for a breath of fresh night air. I had locked up the church for the night but I wasn’t tired enough to go to bed, even though with Gregory Ashcroft, I probably should have been. That man was driving the Wallis family to the edge of their sanity, as every time I had Nathan Wallis in my confessional booth, he would go on and on about his sins against Ashcroft, though he tried to justify them for Ashcroft’s boorish behavior. Frankly, I wanted nothing to do with either of them. I was a priest, not a therapist.

It was then that I noticed a dark figure sulking about in the back of Wendy’s Flower Garden, moving about like a thief in the night. Immediately, I thought it might have been one of the murderers, looking for yet another victim to claim. Already, word about the grizzly discovery Kevin Jackson found in his field was getting around, but it was just one more death to add to the tally.

I watched him closely, investigating the grounds. I kept out of sight, but I kept my eye on him, seeing him inspect the grounds and Wendy’s belongings, as if he were looking to steal from her. The bastard. If I didn’t know any better, I could predict he was one of the murderers, and that he had made Wendy Lawrence his next target. I figured as much. She was vulnerable, too trusting, and too kind.

Once he was gone, I went back inside to inform Father Hines and Sister Rosemary about the man I saw in the backyard by the cemetery. I figured that scoundrel had to be up to no good.

Fred Callahan

Things were looking worse. After changing my clothes, stepping out of the shower, and getting dressed, I couldn’t believe how badly things had gone for me. Once, I was a lawyer, hoping that in time, Fallabor Town would grow like the rest of the towns in Hoenn. Nope. Instead, this small farming community had little need for lawyers, and I couldn’t pay the rent for the practice. All of that education, gone to waste.

Just to make ends meet, I had taken the one job I had never wanted to do but seemed to be the only way to make it to the next paycheck. Grave-digging, the most morbid job anyone could ever have. I just didn’t like it, but no one else was looking for workers. I offered to work on the Jackson farm and the Carver Ranch, but they didn’t trust me, as if they thought I was going to steal something from them. So, after spending months with a debt I just couldn’t hold off any longer, I threw away my pride.

And now, we had the killers. I began to think everyone was one of them and they were out to get me. Every grave I dug, I felt like I was digging my own, the rectangular hole where my remains would forever rest. The thought of it disturbed me.

I’ve had enough to deal with already…

Dr. Robert Hammond

These people were idiots. Was I seriously the only capable person left in this sad, little town? Was I the only person who thought how utterly ridiculous it was for a Pokémon Center to have a bigger building than the only medical clinic in town?

“Pokémon… well, they just get hurt more often because of all the battling,” Dr. Vickers told me, thinking he had it all figured out. “I mean really, Rob, if humans had boxing matches all the time in the streets like those kids of Pokémon battles, of course there would be a need for more human medical clinics.”

“Its idiocy,” I told him outright. “We don’t have enough doctors here, nor do we have sufficient funding. Obviously we do need better clinics. And with Dr. Smith missing, the situation is only getting worse. Have you heard anything from the police regarding his disappearance?”

“Not yet,” He replied, thinking it over practically. “Didn’t he say he had something he badly needed to do in Rustboro?”

“His mother passed away and he was to show in Rustboro City for the reading of the will,” I recalled, wondering if that’s where he was right now. “I had no idea if he made it or not. He left right around the time the third body had been found. I not sure if it was because of the murders or because of that family issue. He always complained about his brother being a greedy maggot, so I’m sure he didn’t want to let him have more than his equal share.”

“Not our business anyway.” Dr. Vickers shrugged, “I’m just hoping we don’t find him dead.”

If we found him. A big if. Rumor had it there were five killers, and I had a bad feeling Dr. Smith’s corpse was laying somewhere around Route 114. Dr. Smith… he sure wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box. Personally, for the sake of the clinic here, having a replacement doctor probably would have been the most ideal situation.

Gregory Ashcroft

I had enough of this town. This sick, screwed up, rotting cesspool of a town. I was sick of Janine Wallis and that pissing mouth of hers, always pissing here and there and badmouthing everyone in the solar system. I heard her even pissing about Cyan, my Floatzel, who hadn’t done a damn thing to anyone. Every day, she spread around rumors that Cyan was dirty, never cleaned himself, and that he messed up her flower garden. Bullcrap. Cyan hadn’t gone anywhere near that place, and yet that stupid witch pointed blame at us just because she couldn’t grow the damn things right. I saw her with the big fat-ass bag of mulch. She buried her flowers with that crap, and she was blaming me?

If the murderers knocked her off, I sure as hell wouldn’t miss that witch, or that bastard she married if they got him too. They could take the kid as well for all I cared. Take ‘em all. Or even better, it would have been fantastic if Nathan was in fact one of the killers and he got caught. Maybe that witch could be taken in as an accessory to murder too. That would be even better than the both of them being dead!

As I sharpened the blades in the workshop, I figured I really needed to start doing something to earn some money around here. This hellhole was rotting away, and I didn’t have the money to fix it. Still, the idea of going back to work was enough to make me spit on the ground in contempt.

I wish I could have hung the jerk who invented work.


Desmond "Dez" Hewgill – Played by mightydes
Jack Peel – Played by Altrius
Angela Feyr – Played by Grsspkmnmaster
Dylan Lonator – Played by Dylan
Professor Robert Klien – Played by Mewcario
Elizabeth "El" Amarese (AH-mah-rees) – Played by Draconic Espeon
Adelaine “Dela” Nikkol Jacobsma – Played by Tiana M
Trey Neverson – Played by ashketchum
John Kenwood – Played by Necros
Allen Thaddeus St. James – Played by Lonsie

Officer John Frederickson (1)
Officer Dave Conrad (1)
Matt Dietrich (2)
Hank Underhill (2)
Peter Fields (2)
David Coopers (3)
Kevin Jackson (5)
Samantha Jackson (5)
Paul Jackson (5)
Dennis Carver (6)
Mary Carver (6)
Dr. Kyle Vickers (7)
Dr. Robert Hammond (7)
Dr. Morgan Smith (7)
Eric Baker (8)
Harry Freeman (8)
Susan Devore (8)
Timothy Jones (8)
Nurse Joy (10)
Gregory Ashcroft (11)
Nathan Wallis (12)
Janine Wallis (12)
Joseph Miller (14)
Sam Fender (15)
Barry Gallo (15)
Bill Hampers (16)
Mac Livingston (17)
Jake Foreman (17)
Jason Taylor (18)
Sheriff Michael Sanders (19)
Officer Jenny (19)
Officer Hides (19)
Officer Stan Phillips (19)
Patrick Darrens (20)
Principal Jonathan Yardly (21)
Mrs. Karen White (21)
Mr. Donald Cook (21)
John Culver (22)
Samantha Culver (22)
Thomas Culver (22)
Fred Callahan (23)
Oswald Lanterman (24)
Jacob Henderson (24)
Sonya Harding (24)
Paul Walker (24)
Ben Quincy (24)
Albert Valdez (25)
Brad Coleman (25)
Stacy Henderson (25)
Jean McKnight (27)
James McKnight (27)
Wendy Lawrence (28)
Pastor Richards (29)
Father Joshua Hines (29)
Sister Abigail Rosemary (29)
Daniel McNeal (30)
Maria McNeal (30)

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