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Default Re: [DS] Road Last Traveled Discussion

Neo, I think you missed my point about the dead and missing people... I was counting it up 'cause you had posted Frederickson saying there were 33 people gone either dead or missing. 8 people's names were in red, and you had said originally 24 bodies found, but that only adds up to 32 people gone missing or dead... so... was one body never found or were there 25 found dead?

I know right now there are either 25 or 26 counting Jacob Henderson who you killed off... I'm just confused as to which number it is... 'cause the original math wasn't adding up... unless I missed a person whose name was red... but I've checked it a few times now... and I'm pretty sure there are only 8 people missing... That's why I said 25 dead in the post... it'd be 26 now with Jacob Henderson if I did my math right, but it's your RP, so you let me know which number it is and I'll stick with whatever you say. I should have simply pointed out the math bit instead of assuming anything.

Thank you Neo!
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