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Default Re: The National Park

Actually JR. I was thinking that the ranger test needed to be revised. I believe that one thing that has been established there is that non battle posts are important as well as battle posts; however, only battle posts are tested. I think that before anybody gets a permanent ranger liscense that they should have to complete an RP and have it evaluated (which is currently only done if somebody does okay on their test instead of acing it.
The only problems I see are that there's no way to distingiush this from regular rangering since if they failed they could just try again and it wouldn't matter because they get paid either way. Also, we'd have to do another one of these recalls if the Pokemon were given out by new rangers too easily. So i'm thinking that the rangers-to be are going to have to take that first run with a ranger-tester without pay (almost like a ref test). It may be more work than before but it was very easy to become a ranger before. I think that was half of the problem.