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Default Re: The Pe2k Battle Ladder [NEW RULES ARE ADDED] - !Still taking applicants! -

Originally Posted by GreenEagle View Post
Thank you Limitless for your comment

: Ok the more this goes on the more trollin there is... this is over....
I full well realize this is over, however, I will say that I did not imply that 5/6-0 constituted better battling skills, it was merely a reward for the task.

Somewhat like shoddy but to be considered a bonus. It gets you to the top faster.

I see that everyone is against my idea for whatever reason. That's fine. I had considered a loss when I factored in the option of a vote (which everyone seems to be doing).

If I offended anyone I am sorry, though that wasn't my intention.

And the tension I seem to be getting from trying to better you alls experience just shows that many perfer a numb minded person. If that is not me then I again am sorry. I was just aiming to make a difference and earn some of you alls respect. But that's not the case from what seemed like good intention. Ill be sure to keep my ideas to myself in the future.

EDIT: and to you green eagle, the first highlight you made...that wasn't at all any form of disrespect.

The second, stubborn is a personality that lacks the intention of backing down from my defintion. So, have you anymore notes that show I have in anyway disrespected you or anyone else?

If not, I've informed the moderators on your actions and I shall let they're words be final judgement

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