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Default Re: [RP] Road Last Traveled - The Fallarbor Town Massacre [PG-13]

OOC: There were four people killed in the bus accident, not five. I included the driver in that.

Friday, August 15th - Night


Investigation by Allen St. James
Matt Dietrich

The days had been slow, as no one was getting gas or even coming to town to begin with. Meanwhile, the Carvers and the Jacksons were using probably the most prehistoric means to grow their fields.

A tall and lanky kind of guy came up to me after stepping into the convenience mart of the gas station. He seemed like a smart but awkward kind of guy, but he was probably here for a reason. I knew the place looked like a mess, but hopefully from one guy to another, he wouldn’t care.

“Hello, Mr. Dietrich?” He asked me. “My name is Allen St. James. I was wondering what you could tell me about Peter Fields.”

“Yeah… Peter,” I replied with a sigh before getting into the details. “Nice kid. He was working here as a gas station attendant, along with covering the night shifts. Never had problems with him, and I heard he was trying to save up for college. He didn’t show up for work since three days ago. I filed a police report and asked around town if anyone’s seen him. Turns out, he was living in the Salvatore apartment building, and I asked around there but no one has seen him around his apartment either.”

I was hoping that kid wouldn’t turn up as the next one dead, but with all that was going on, there was no real guarantee of that.

“You let me know if you see or hear anything from him,” I told him, hoping this guy would be able to find something. “Just let him know, I’m not angry with him or anything. He sometimes thinks that if he’s late to work or something like that.”

Hopefully that guy would find something.

Investigation by “J” John Kenwood
Wendy Lawrence

After getting up at sunrise, taking a shower, and getting dressed, I headed downstairs to get the shop open. Jubilee my Bellossom and Charm my Roserade had woken up around the same time I had. Lately, I had noticed they hadn’t been as cheerful as they usually were. I guess they too figured something was in the air.

When I got downstairs and they followed me, I noticed things seemed a little unusual. There was a tall, black-haired man wearing a green t-shirt and a pair of cargo pants waiting by the door. It was really rare that anyone stayed by the door waiting for the shop to open, especially a guy like him. He seemed a little awkward, but regardless, I opened the door and smiled as I allowed for him to come in.

“Hi there, you’re up early,” I told him, welcoming him in with a smile. “Come on in.”

“Hello-ooo?” He asked as I welcomed him in. “Sorry about the early call, but I only got in last night and I saw this place and it seemed nice and safe and I really needed a bouquet of flowers for a…oh sorry I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Jeremy Krane.”

“Krane, huh?” I asked, realizing he wasn’t one of the normal townspeople. “Well, what can I get for you today?”

“I’m impressed with all of this you manage to grow, even in these ashy conditions,” He told me as he looked at all the displays while snacking on some puffball mushrooms. “I’m afraid my area of expertise is limited to fungi mostly. Care for one?”

“Ha ha, no thanks,” I told him with a smile, figuring I should probably grab a better breakfast than that. “Well, I don’t grow everything you see in the store, but I grow what I can. Some of these flowers actually do okay even in the ashy conditions, but there are some that wouldn’t last even just a few days in it. Trust me, if I could build a greenhouse, I would, but I can’t because of the cemetery in the back. I know Dennis Carver has one, you know, the guy who owns the oat field. I’ve been meaning to ask him, but that poor greenhouse really badly needs some repairs, and I’m just not that good with that kind of stuff.”

He looked around a bit more and eventually did decide on a bouquet of lilies, roses, and daisies. When he finally brought it to the counter, he struggled with trying to fetch out the right amount of money. He laid out a lot of other things, including keys, pocket lint, an iPod, and two strange photographs. I took a small glance and noticed one of them had a lot of unreadable scrawl, and I tried to read it from upside down without touching it and disturbing his things, but it wasn’t easy. As for the one with the symbols on it, I didn’t think much of it. One of them looked like a rose but the other four were just weird.

“Sorry about that, I’m a little clumsy,” Jeremy told me. “Guess I’m a bit jittery too with all that’s going on outside. All these killings and I only come up here for some peace and quiet. I’m afraid I rather upset that female officer, I do have a tendency to grate on the nerves of the authorities…I can’t help it, it’s like some invisible wave I give off or something. I really wish I knew how to be more sociable and nice to people, but I have hardly any clue where to begin.”

“Well, just open yourself up a bit more and be nice to people,” I told him, hoping that might cheer him up a bit more. “And yeah, the cops are a little jumpy lately, but that’s understandable considering what’s been going on. They’re pretty nice people, its just they’ve been getting really stressed out.”

“I figured flowers might cheer her up,” Jeremy continued. “If not, I’m sure those poor souls out back could use them. The ones in the graveyard by the church I mean…don’t you think its sad to see some graves with flowers and some without? As if some lives are cared about and some aren’t.”

“Yeah…” I sighed. “That’s kind of how it is everywhere. I wish I could give flowers to them all, but then I’d have nothing left to sell. I know some of those graves are over many decades old, but each of those headstones was someone that lived and hopefully had a happy life.”

Still, I was hoping to change the conversation. I really didn’t like talking about morbid stuff like that, even though Jeremy seemed like a nice guy who was just a little clumsy. I didn’t mind that about a guy, just as long as they didn’t act like they were higher than everyone else. And Jeremy, he didn’t seem to be that kind of guy.

As I checked the money to make sure he had enough and then wrapped the flowers, he seemed a bit embarrassed from before.

“S-sorry…I rambled there didn’t I?” Jeremy asked. “I always do that…come to think of it, she got mad at me for doing that as well…”

“She?” I asked, wondering who ‘she’ was. “Well, don’t worry about it, I like a good chat. In this quiet, little town, I don’t get much of it either. Well, here you are.”

“You wouldn’t happen to have any cigarettes on you would you?” Jeremy asked me. “Or maybe a lighter? I’m kind of nervous and I ran out a while ago…might explain why I keep munching on my mushrooms a lot more often…”

“Nope, sorry,” I told him, never understanding why people took up smoking in the first place. “I was never a smoker. My ex though… ugh, he had such a terrible habit of it. You know, I tried to get him to stop, but after a while… well, things just kind of went south from there. Nice guy, just… really bad habits. And hey, just take it easy with the mushrooms. They’ll make you sick if you eat too many of them.”

After I printed out the receipt, I handed it back to him, along with the flower bouquet. Jeremy seemed like an okay guy, but he just looked a little mixed up and a bit weird.

“Well, take care now,” I told him with a smile. “Have a good day, and be sure to stop by again!”


Daniel McNeal

So many things have happened all at once.

There were times when my sense of… wanderlust was beneficial. However, I didn’t know what to think of this. I had accidently dropped my car keys in a public trash can near the funeral home my wife and I ran. I had been holding onto an empty paper coffee cup as well, and while I tried to throw out the coffee cup alone, the keys I was holding onto at the same time also fell in. I searched the metal canister for the keys, which I managed to find, but I also stumbled across what seemed to be a video tape as well. The tape’s condition was fine, so I didn’t know why anyone would throw it out.

I let curiosity get the best of me when I took the video tape along as well. When I got home, I put the tape in the VCR, and suddenly, I realized something drastic.

This video was connected to the recent murders. It flashed disturbing messages and sounds, and I couldn’t stand to watch it any longer. Immediately, I turned it into the police, hoping someone would be able to figure out what it might mean. The police simply told me they would “get to it,” but the very thought of what had happened disturbed me.

I’ve been trying to forget about that video ever since. Instead, its sure to flood my sleep with nightmares…

Evidence #5 – The Skull’s Taunt Video Tape

Officer Jenny

By now, I was exhausted. That creep “J” hadn’t made my life any easier. He didn’t understand what we were trying to do here, and he thought his way of going about things was superior to the police. If he was that special, why did he even bother coming to us in the first place? Still, I didn’t think he was one of the murderers. They wouldn’t be that obvious. It was just another twisted psychological game.

A few of the officers had been assigned to look into a specific murderer, since it seemed like trying to coordinate the investigation by examining them all at the same time was ending up in confusion within the police department. I had been assigned to “Severance,” which was no doubt the hardest one to track considering his body count was zero, even though the “scoreboards” that were passed around every now and then showed there were bodies in his name.

I noticed that among the five killers, they were each trying to become “The Harbinger of Death,” whatever that was. The details were vague at best, but I was staying on the lookout for anything that could be connected to what was going on. From what I could figure out, it was probably what they would be calling the winner. The real question was, once this little game of theirs was done, would they finally stop killing people, or was this just a precursor to something even worse?

Officer Hides

I had been assigned to look into the killer known as Exodus. What a pile of crap.

From what I managed to gather about the evidence, Exodus was female. No asshat guy would use a stupid rose as his insignia. I had another piece of evidence dropped on my desk, which seemed to be a diary entry written up by Exodus. I managed to connect the two with that funky-ass handwriting of hers she left on bodies all over the place.

I also noticed she killed people by making it look like an accident. The diary entry confirmed that too. Rumor had it those four people killed in the bus crash were Exodus’s kills, but no one in their right mind would head down Route 113 to go check it out to confirm that. I sure as hell wouldn’t. Anyone who went down there would probably just add themselves to the amassing pile of rotting bodies.

I decided to let those ten people from the bus check the diary entry out. If they did my work for me, all so much the better.

Evidence #6 – Exodus Diary Entry #1

Officer Dave Conrad

I had to go out on patrol, which was a regular routine of mine. The township wanted me to serve as the “backup cop” who made sure things didn’t go out of whack. With the murders going on, I was out making sure other crimes weren’t being committed at the same time. There was also a fear that there might be “copycat killers” that weren’t related to the five murderers Scarecrow, Exodus, The Skull, Jigsaw, and Severance, but tried to mimic them.

I had noticed that the streets were far more quieter lately. It made sense, but still, I knew the town would fall apart if this kept going on long enough. From the initial patrol, it seemed like everything was okay for now. I knew the Jacksons had recently discovered the body of Jacob Henderson, but no one knew the guy personally.

From what I could tell, nothing new happened, but then while I was passing by the Modrak House, I noticed something was a little weird. That house had been abandoned a long time ago, but the front door was usually locked. While I was passing by with the patrol car, I noticed the front door was slightly ajar, and was slightly moving around with the wind. Someone had managed to unlock it, but there was no telling when or how this was done. Once I saw that, I put the police car in park, and grabbed the radio.

“Hey, this is Unit 2, investigating a possible forced entry at 2 Shorthill Road,” I spoke into the radio. “AKA the Modrak House.”

“Copy that, Unit 2.” The operator replied.

I then put the radio back and then grabbed my flashlight. After that, I threw open the car door, stepped out, and closed the door behind me. After that, I walked toward the house along the old stone path that was pretty beat up from old age. Meanwhile, I was looking through the windows, trying to see if I could catch a peek of anything, though it ended up being way too dark inside. Once I arrived at the front door, it was pretty obvious that the door was slightly open, even though the township would have locked it. Once I swung the creaky old door open, I stepped inside and turned the flashlight on.

Instantly, the smell got to me. It was a ripe, old smell that I quickly recognized as something in a state of decay. Someone or something had definitely died in here. I immediately believed it was one of the murderers dumping a victim at an abandoned location. It wouldn’t have been the first time either.

I had checked the old living room, dining room, kitchen, and porch, but I hadn’t found anything until I checked the basement. Down there, the smell got worse, so I knew I was getting warmer. After going down the stairs, I directed the flashlight toward the center of the room.

There was a body… and maggots everywhere. The blood had long dried, but as I looked over the victim, I could tell they had been shot with a rifle. I had a pretty strong feeling of who had killed this guy, but just to confirm it, I used my foot to turn the body over. There was no way I was touching that corpse with my bare hand.

And just as I suspected, it was right there on his shirt in black paint as maggots crawled all over it.

When I looked at the victim’s face, I knew who it was. Donald Cook, one of the teachers from the Fallarbor School, was dead, the eleventh victim of The Skull.

Immediately, I headed back up the stairs to get on the radio as soon as possible. I hated to say it, but after so many of these murders, not even my heart was racing anymore…


Desmond "Dez" Hewgill – Played by mightydes
Jack Peel – Played by Altrius
Angela Feyr – Played by Grsspkmnmaster
Dylan Lonator – Played by Dylan
Professor Robert Klien – Played by Mewcario
Elizabeth "El" Amarese (AH-mah-rees) – Played by Draconic Espeon
Adelaine “Dela” Nikkol Jacobsma – Played by Tiana M
Trey Neverson – Played by ashketchum
John Kenwood – Played by Necros
Allen Thaddeus St. James – Played by Lonsie

Officer John Frederickson (1)
Officer Dave Conrad (1)
Matt Dietrich (2)
Hank Underhill (2)
Peter Fields (2)
David Coopers (3)
Kevin Jackson (5)
Samantha Jackson (5)
Paul Jackson (5)
Dennis Carver (6)
Mary Carver (6)
Dr. Kyle Vickers (7)
Dr. Robert Hammond (7)
Dr. Morgan Smith (7)
Eric Baker (8)
Harry Freeman (8)
Susan Devore (8)
Timothy Jones (8)
Nurse Joy (10)
Gregory Ashcroft (11)
Nathan Wallis (12)
Janine Wallis (12)
Joseph Miller (14)
Sam Fender (15)
Barry Gallo (15)
Bill Hampers (16)
Mac Livingston (17)
Jake Foreman (17)
Jason Taylor (18)
Sheriff Michael Sanders (19)
Officer Jenny (19)
Officer Hides (19)
Officer Stan Phillips (19)
Patrick Darrens (20)
Principal Jonathan Yardly (21)
Mrs. Karen White (21)
Mr. Donald Cook (21)
John Culver (22)
Samantha Culver (22)
Thomas Culver (22)
Fred Callahan (23)
Oswald Lanterman (24)
Jacob Henderson (24)
Sonya Harding (24)
Paul Walker (24)
Ben Quincy (24)
Albert Valdez (25)
Brad Coleman (25)
Stacy Henderson (25)
Jean McKnight (27)
James McKnight (27)
Wendy Lawrence (28)
Pastor Richards (29)
Father Joshua Hines (29)
Sister Abigail Rosemary (29)
Daniel McNeal (30)
Maria McNeal (30)

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