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Default Re: The National Park

*Waves hands.*

For starters, I gave ST permission to revoke Mons that were obtained with little effort. Yes, most of the blame falls on the Rangers for being too easy on their Trainers, but the Trainers weren't putting forth the effort needed to begin with, which is why we decided on revoking Mon.

Now then, some other things. Currently I've decided to enforce the character limit that was originally a guideline for lagging Trainers. On top of this, there's going to be a system where Trainers can purchase special Items to reduce the amount of characters needed to catch Mon. This combination of effort + money will hopefully require more work all around (since it takes work to earn money and all). We just need to get various things polished, such as Item prices, and it'll be good to go.

As for Rangers themselves...

Originally Posted by The Jr Trainer View Post
@Rangers- I think they should all be retested by someone who knows the difference between a good post and a bad one.
I agree with this. All Rangers, including Elite Rangers and even myself, should be retested. Harder tests should be created, things that will test the Ranger on more points gone over in the Quiz. Once we get everything else in order I think retesting the current Park Staff is a must.

Also, I've already enforced a new rule regarding testing. In the past, an Elite Ranger going over a test could either give it a Pass, Fail, or Temp grade. If an equal number of testers said Pass and Fail, then the Ranger got an auto Temporary License. If, say, one Tester said Pass, two said Fail, and one said Temp, again, a Temporary License was given out. Now, however, there is no Temp grading, and if there are an equal number of Pass and Fail grades, the Ranger automatically fails. If you can't get a majority Pass vote, then that should signal that the prospective Ranger isn't ready for tor the position.

Another thing. Many people are getting such rare Pokemon because they can just walk away from Mon they don't want with a simple "I don't want it let's go somewhere else" post, and too many Rangers (myself included, I must admit) are allowing it. If this were reality, though, many Pokemon wouldn't allow a person to simply intrude into their territory and then walk off without a challenge. Some Pokemon may be easy-going about it, depending on their species or Nature, but in most cases it's too easy for someone to get away without any effort. The entire Park, however, is about effort; avoiding a Mon you don't want should be harder than saying "I don't want it let's go lolk". Currently this is an issue being discussed among the Staff, and hopefully it'll be resolved soon.

Finally, everyone having their Mon revoked is getting a complete refund for that Mon. Everyone complaining about "what about our time?" is missing an important point; you only spend maybe ten or twenty minutes typing your replies. Even combining all the posts you made for the Mon being taken, it's not like you've lost hours upon hours or anything. An hour or two here and there is about it. Also, you can't try and claim time "wasted" waiting on the Ranger to post, because you could have easily been doing something else during that time period. Writing a story, maybe, or taking part in Battles or Contests. So no, no one is getting compensated for "time lost", because honestly it's just ridiculous.
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