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Default Re: The Pe2k Battle Ladder [NEW RULES ARE ADDED] - !Still taking applicants! -

Originally Posted by Charbok View Post

From what I'm seeing here, there's way too much disagreement and bitter actionality (which is now a word) going on. As far as I'm concerned, Drake should be put back on the ladder on the assumption that neither he nor anyone else continues this argument. It's getting no where, and both sides are subtly disrespecting one another, which isn't cool, especially for a forum like Pe2k. If it continues, actions may be taken by a moderator on both belligerents which could result in infractions, temporary bans, or permanent bans. Please add Drake back to the ladder, and PM me if something else comes up.

Alright I will when I get home. Hope this never happens again

Thank you for clearing things up Charbok

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