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Default Re: "The Video Game Genre"

Since this place is basically dead, I might as well review a game.

Title: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor
Artist: Takami Asano
Platform: Nintendo DS
Link to download: N/A
Favorite Songs:

Reset Vocal
Demon of Darkness
Reset Instrumental
Last Decision
Deep Darkness

Fitting-in: How well did the songs fit into the game? 10/10

I'm not sure anyone from the PE2K have heard of this game, so first of all, I will give a general outline of the plot. It would be impossible to understand what's going on without knowing it.

You, the 'Hero', and your two other friends receive an email on your COMPs, which are electronic devices for emails and the Internet that look strangely similar to the DS. They find out that the COMPs summon demons, and from there, the situation gets bad to worse- you find out that Tokyo is overrun by demons, and you start saving people and beating up demons. Really, the music, which is mainly electric guitars and drums and such, is very fitting with the 'neo-RPG' theme that the series has been extremely successful for. Mystery, creepiness, intensity, danger and overall PURE EPICNESS in the game matches directly with the situation and the theme.

Originality: Is this song reconizable from other sountracks? 10/10

I haven't heard anything like it from any RPGs. In fact, I don't even hear electric guitars in games (that might be because I don't play fighting games though). Very unique, especially 'Demon of Darkness' theme that mixes cathedral music with drums and guitars.

Diversity: Do the songs stand appart from each other? 7/10

Sadly, this part is lacking in comparison to the others. There is a grand total of 21 tracks in the game that will take you 20+ hours at least. If only there were more songs, this score would be a lot higher.
Nostalgia Value: Say you have your songs on shuffle, and you hear this. Can you reconize what it's from, and does it bring back memories? 10/10

Yes. This is such a good game, it's hard not to remember anything. And the music is so fitting that it just is that easy to do.

Overall: Avg the past four numbers. 9.125/10.

Closing comments: Anyone who likes SRPG should play this game. The game is impressive, and so is the music.
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