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Default Re: The National Park

Originally Posted by Starkipraggy View Post
Darn Leman beat me to the Brightslap.

To all those people who insist they be allowed to keep their rare Pokemon because they worked hard for it in the RP: I have only two words for you guys: F*ck you. You dare insist that you deserve your Complex mon that you spent at most a week's worth of time actually writing for the thing and only churning out short and unimaginative crap in the face of writers like me who slogged for months to get out a quality, 30k character story. You don't deserve anything, and if you don't understand that, in the absence of being able to land a tight slap on your prepubescent faces, I would lobby hard for you guys not to get a refund in the first place.
Oh, sorry, so time is a factor in this? Oh dear, so I guess that means that the Ninjask and Chinchou (minimum 30k - same as Complex) I got in a story that probably took me less than a week to write weren't gotten with effort. Darn.

Time isn't the issue here. Quality/quantity is.

Also, I really don't think Leman's making huge sense in his whole 'not having a life' thing. You don't have to be active in URPG to care whether you have something in it or not, and also, just because you've RP'd, doesn't mean that it's the only worthwhile thing to do with your time. :s I do stuff in the URPG because I have spare time, but if I wanted, I could easily go and do something else - you don't ALWAYS have to do the thing that's most worth your time.
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