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Default Re: The National Park

OK well I hadn't planned on posting but I guess I will.

I don't think taking mons away from everyone was the right thing. Sec admitted it himself, the Park is flawed. If that is the case, then it falls solely on the shoulders of the Park staff to rectify the problem, which obviously did not happen. Since they saw and didn't fix the problem, I think only the higher Park staff should lose their mons, ex Marth and his PZ. They didn't do anything about it and just kept going with it.

The Park was created for those who weren't the best at stories, and the money spent was an attempt to counteract the lack of written characters and random encounters. In theory this was good, but it wasn't executed. People just prospered from poor judgement. That being said however, some of the people that got those mons may actually have put a lot of time and effort into getting those, even if the character count was lower than desired. I know it takes me awhile to write things, and even then it's a struggle.

I'm locking this thread until some of you can cool down or a mod/TyT feels it should be unlocked.
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