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Default Joining The Council of Brawlers?

Well for now the testing is over for the "recruit only" phase of this clans history.

Now if your wanting to join there is alot expected out of our members as far as skill goes.
The process works as follows:

Fill out form:

Years Experience:
Shoddy/PO Name
Shoddy/PO Achievements (Scores only):
Wifi Name:
Wifi Fc:
What is it that you feel you can offer our council:
What is it you hope to gain from our council:
If you feel you lack experience, to what lengths do you plan to go to become an exceptional player:
Favorite Playstyle:
Weakest Link in battles:

Once Complete send to Drake

Secondly, you will be test on battle skill in a battle (by Drake). From that you will be critiqued on matters of the battle. If hax is a grave deciding factor, the battle may be replayed to gather a better perspective of the type of trainer you are and where you stand.
(Currently all battles must be via shoddy/Pokemon online)

Best of luck

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