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Default Re: The National Park

I was going to lock this the other day, but I saw that some people were trying to cut back on the flame/SPAM and decided to leave it open. I guess I should have just locked it yesterday.

Here is the point, people: YOU DID NOT PUT FORTH ANY CONSIDERABLE EFFORT INTO GETTING THE MON TAKEN FROM YOU. You may have churned out 10k or 20k, but in the end they were for Mon that would have taken twice or even three times the effort as in the Story section. No, the Park =/= Stories, but that doesn't mean that the Park should be a ridiculously easy alternative, as that's not what it was meant to be. How on Earth is it fair to a person who wrote a 50k story for a Munchlax if someone else could get it for 20k in the Park? How would you feel if you were someone who actually put a lot of time and work into catching a Mon, only to turn around and see someone get one for a fraction of the work you did?

Yes, things should have been taken care of sooner, but people would have b*tched about it then as well. I myself wasn't really aware the problem was still this bad until recently, believe it or not, because I have a life and have been having very little time for a game based on pixels on the internet. I was having to scramble to find time to post even before the past month or so, where I've been on maybe a total of ten or so times.

Here we are trying to fix things and make them more fair, and everyone is complaining about losing a handful of colorful pixels. You say we shouldn't take the Mon from you that you fairly earned. Maybe back then it was fair, but look at Leman's example. You got something you weren't entitled to; therefore, to be fair to the people who DO have those Mons they are entitled to, we are taking them back. At least you're being refunded your money; can't that be enough?

When the Park reopens it is going to be made very clear that we have stricter standards. Rangers will be expected to be harder on their Trainers and actually make them work for what they want. I already know that when things reopen, people are going to b*tch about "Oh it's so hard to catch a Mon in the Park now!" and everything. Well, like I said, the Park was never meant to be an easier solution to stories, just a more accessible and interactive one.
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