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Default Re: [RP] Road Last Traveled - The Fallarbor Town Massacre [PG-13]

OOC: Yep, evidence is considered shared and everyone is made aware of it.

And yes, I spelt “carcass” wrong. I kind of made that whole movie in a hurry. :P

Saturday, August 16th - Day


Investigation by Professor Robert Klein
Officer Jenny

I recalled Professor Klein when he had approached John earlier about the five killers. He seemed to be onto something, and truthfully, he seemed like a much more rational guy as opposed to J. I didn’t want to imagine where J was hanging around now…

“Officer Jenny, if I may have a word,” Robert said. “I was on my way to talk to the Wallis family when I found a corpse on a farmstead and a guy standing over it. The guy is the owner of the place, but he doesn't seem to be the killer, rather someone who happenstance came across the body only recently. The corpse had Jigsaw and the roman numeral for 7 scrawled into the jacket, and the corpse looks as though it had been mutilated by, as per his namesake, a jigsaw tool. Either that or some sort of serrated blade. However, I noticed the man having a rather paranoid look upon his face and kept looking at one window of the house before he ran into it. I have this...feeling that something bad is either about to happen inside that house or is currently happening. If at all possible, I would ask to have someone from the police take a look at the house with me, as I do not want to trespass onto the man's home, but also I want to ensure that nothing has happened to the residents of that home.”

Jigsaw again, huh? I still couldn’t understand why we couldn’t find anything about who he was. You’d think anyone walking around town with blood splattered all over him would be the guy. Or at least Scarecrow while we were at it.

“I think you mean Kevin Jackson,” I told him, knowing the seventh of Jigsaw’s kills were reported over there. “He came to us shortly after you arrived on his property. It turns out his wife is indeed missing, and we’re suspecting that Jigsaw is likely the cause of it. We haven’t done any investigation yet, as we already have our hands full over here from the last batch of murders.”

“I’ll go with him,” Officer Stan Phillips spoke up. “I know, technically I’m assigned to Severance, but let’s face it, the guy is a ghost. Until his name pops up, I say let’s work on the other four.”

“Can’t argue there,” I told him. “Professor Klein, this is Officer Phillips, he’ll be joining you for the time being. Stan, I know that technically we should be getting warrants for this, but I think the killers are relying on us being that formal. I think its time to take the gloves off and search anywhere in town where these creeps might be hiding.”

If these killers wanted to play dirty, they’d get dirty.

Investigation by Angela Feyr
The William Fairchild Schoolhouse

Upon arriving at the William Fairchild Schoolhouse, you notice that the building has been abandoned, though recent signs of activity are evident as it appears some of the dust and debris has been disturbed along with the front doors being broken into. From what you can tell, it seems like the building has been used for other purposes recently. Inside, several of the classrooms show evidence of blood splatter that was never cleaned up and was spilled fairly recently. Meanwhile, the halls show evidence of blood trails as it appears bleeding dead bodies were dragged out of the building toward the back doors.

Many of the classrooms still have student desks, cabinets, and tables that are falling apart, but you notice that in several of these rooms, it appears these pieces of furniture were moved around recently. In several cases, it appears furniture was moved around central areas where dried pools of blood can usually be found. In one particular classroom whose number has been broken off from the door, you find the following note left behind near what must have been a recent murder scene.

Evidence #7 - The Interrogation Note

However, upon arriving at classroom 62, which appears to have once been used for science lab work, you find a fresh murder scene, again with tables and chairs moved aside. In the upper left hand corner of the classroom, you find the body of Jake Foreman with the following painted on his coat jacket:

From what you can tell, it appears he was shot with an automatic rifle five times. Jake Foreman’s wrists were bound with rope and it appears he was killed while in a sitting position judging from the chair that was knocked over besides his dead body. Meanwhile, it also appears he was killed relatively recently.

On the chalkboard of classroom 62, you find the following message written out:

Evidence #8 – The Chalkboard Message

In all cases, you notice that it seems whoever has been using this building to kill their victims is using each room in order. All rooms after room 62 show no signs of having been used for murder yet, though they are still in the same abandoned disarray that the original owners of the building left them in.

Investigation by Dylan Lonator
The Fallarbor Town School

Upon searching the Fallarbor Town School, you notice that its clear the school hasn’t been getting the funding its has needed. Most of the classrooms are completely empty, but the few that are currently being used seem poorly equipped with a limited number of desks, books, and supplies. In some cases, it appears that some of the supplies from other rooms, such as chalkboards, desks, and lights were taken from the unused rooms to the ones that are currently being used.

You also find that there are a lack of teachers here as well. Besides Principal Yardly, Mrs. Karen White and three other teachers work here, besides the late Mr. Donald Cook who was murdered recently.

It also appears that the building does have a room 62, but nothing seems out of the ordinary here. For the most part, the room is completely empty, though it does appear like the classroom has not seen maintenance for quite some time.

Present by Nikkol Jacobsma
Nurse Joy

A kind, elderly lady by the name of Nikkol Jacobsma had presented me with a problem she had. She was one of the ten bus riders that was involved in the accident on Route 113, and she informed me that one of her Pokéballs, one containing an Arcanine named “Dante,” had been mistakenly left behind on the bus. While I tried to think it over, I revitalized her other Pokémon, giving her the advice that the Fallarbor Bed & Breakfast was probably the best place to stay the night.

“I understand you must be very concerned about Dante,” I told Nikkol. “Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like the murderers are after Pokémon, but still, there’s been no indication of what they do with them. If you’re thinking of going back to the bus, I would highly recommend taking someone else along. And keep your other Pokémon out besides you. As far as I can tell, most of the people that have been murdered didn’t have their own Pokémon.”

It really did explain why most of the bodies that were found were adults and not young trainers. Most of the people that did settle down here didn’t own Pokémon and were too busy with other things to consider training them.

It was a shame, because simply having them could mean the difference between life and death…


Brad Coleman

I was sick of this crap. They had recently found more dead bodies and the body count was only piling up. I figured that if this kept going on, they would get to me too, and I wasn’t about to stand for that.

I only had one Pokémon, a Haunter I named Griz. My others died of sickness and old age, and since Griz was dead already, I figured he wouldn’t be leaving me any time soon. Meanwhile, I had recently brought a SIG Sauer P230 from Jason Taylor’s store to at least protect my own ass if Griz couldn’t. Word was getting around that the ten passengers from the Route 113 bus crash were out trying to figure out who the hell these murderers were. I decided I would do what the cops should have done and join them in the field. Evidence was popping up all over the place and I was realizing that not every nook and cranny of this town was being searched like it should have been.

I was not going to let myself be the next dead body.

Sheriff Michael Sanders

I had assigned most of the police officers to individual killers rather than trying to evaluate the entire situation as a whole. From what we gathered from the video tape that seemed to be from The Skull addressing Scarecrow, it appeared that the five killers were in competition, but would not actually kill each other for some reason for another. That detail didn’t make sense, but it seemed like this had been arranged from some kind of game they were playing, something they called The Hunt.

The details about “Harbinger of Death” were especially macabre. Most of them were vague, but I noticed that as more kills were turning up, the killer’s fantasies about becoming this “Harbinger” seemed to intensify, as this was the obvious reward for achieving twenty kills without murdering the other “contestants.” However, Officer Jenny told me that she wasn’t sure if once this happened it would be the end, or if it was just a prelude to something even worse. I couldn’t help but image the later, especially considering I knew five killers wouldn’t go through this much trouble just for some kind of title.

They kept leaving behind taunts and other incriminating messages as they were doing this. It seemed that if they couldn’t kill each other, they would at least try to slow the other killers down in some way or another, or boast about their kills.

To them, this was just a game. To us, this was beyond an atrocity.


Desmond "Dez" Hewgill – Played by mightydes
Jack Peel – Played by Altrius
Angela Feyr – Played by Grsspkmnmaster
Dylan Lonator – Played by Dylan
Professor Robert Klien – Played by Mewcario
Elizabeth "El" Amarese (AH-mah-rees) – Played by Draconic Espeon
Adelaine “Dela” Nikkol Jacobsma – Played by Tiana M
Trey Neverson – Played by ashketchum
John Kenwood – Played by Necros
Allen Thaddeus St. James – Played by Lonsie

Officer John Frederickson (1)
Officer Dave Conrad (1)
Matt Dietrich (2)
Hank Underhill (2)
Peter Fields (2)
David Coopers (3)
Kevin Jackson (5)
Samantha Jackson (5)
Paul Jackson (5)
Dennis Carver (6)
Mary Carver (6)
Dr. Kyle Vickers (7)
Dr. Robert Hammond (7)
Dr. Morgan Smith (7)
Eric Baker (8)
Harry Freeman (8)
Susan Devore (8)
Timothy Jones (8)
Nurse Joy (10)
Gregory Ashcroft (11)
Nathan Wallis (12)
Janine Wallis (12)
Joseph Miller (14)
Sam Fender (15)
Barry Gallo (15)
Bill Hampers (16)
Mac Livingston (17)
Jake Foreman (17)
Jason Taylor (18)
Sheriff Michael Sanders (19)
Officer Jenny (19)
Officer Hides (19)
Officer Stan Phillips (19)
Patrick Darrens (20)
Principal Jonathan Yardly (21)
Mrs. Karen White (21)
Mr. Donald Cook (21)
John Culver (22)
Samantha Culver (22)
Thomas Culver (22)
Fred Callahan (23)
Oswald Lanterman (24)
Jacob Henderson (24)
Sonya Harding (24)
Paul Walker (24)
Ben Quincy (24)
Albert Valdez (25)
Brad Coleman (25)
Stacy Henderson (25)
Jean McKnight (27)
James McKnight (27)
Wendy Lawrence (28)
Pastor Richards (29)
Father Joshua Hines (29)
Sister Abigail Rosemary (29)
Daniel McNeal (30)
Maria McNeal (30)

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