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Default Pokemon Sinnoh: Neo Galaxy! [Discussion Thread]

Pokemon Sinnoh: Neo Galaxy! [Discussion Thread]
Sign-Up Thread

Dexter's Introduction to the Pokemon World!

Hello, I am Dexter! A specially designed device built by Prof. Oak for you, the trainers.

The world of Pokemon, a place full of many surprises. A world where humans and Pokemon live together. Some living in peace, love, and happiness... others live in hate, reject, and suffer the cruel things about life... but if you think about it, Pokemon and humans could live together without extreme consequence. Unless their owners are cruel of heart, like a number of organizations scattered across the Pokemon World. The world consists of many countries and regions, the capital of Pokemon is currently known as, Kanto. This entire region is home to creatures known only as Pokemon.

Well, this is the OOC thread so just talk about whatever you want here, that includes the rp. Don't fill this with spam though, okay? I'm gonna post Trainer Data for every one of the main charcters.
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