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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

The Pixel Academy

Okay, so, like, yeah..."The Pixel Academy" isn't neccessarily a message board itself. It's just an existing category in a forum I previously made, known as "Mega Pokemon Collab," where the theme was for users to feel free to start community projects and whatnot.

"The Pixel Academy," as the name implies, is a section of the forums that'll supply any enrolling member (have to register before that, of course) with the help that they may need in terms of pixel art.

Could be known to others as a "Spriting School." Except, I'm gonna try to make this a bit more straightfoward.
Anyways, any questions relating to just about anything having to do with any aspect of the forums can be asked via PM on the forum, or here.

It's a revamp of my thread on a message board called "Two Tailed Fox Forums." The thread went by the title of "Jirachi's Spriting Academy."
however, it didn't get quite that far.
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