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Default Re: Individual RP: Iridium

Something seemed to have gone wrong, badly wrong. The Flamethrower hadn't done much damage, as Snorunt had slammed straight into Infernape with its pointy head cap.

In the meantime, i saw that my ranger Jake had left, and a new one was standing beside me.

"Er, hi," I said. I didn't have time for chit-chat at the moment, but it would seem sort of rude to ignore him altogether.

"Infernape, it's time to dish out some more damage, I want you to use Overheat, but make sure you don't knock it out, alright?" I said.

Infernape nodded, and getting back from Snorunt a few paces, began gathering up heat. In a few seconds time, the place started becoming slightly hot, though what Infernape must be feeling inside. Probably enjoying himself, I wouldn't be surprised if he would go crazy with joy at seeing a pool full of lava.

Beads of sweat appeared on my forehead, as the temperature increased a bit, and then within the blink of an eye, Infernape shout a thick jet of flames targeted straight at Snorunt with a swoosh. The flames were bright red, and my eyes took a couple of second to adjust to the golden flash after all the whiteness. This was quite a toned down Overheat, because if it had been a full power one, Snorunt would have fainted pretty soon.

I looked at the jet of flames as the beam shot towards the little Pokemon...


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