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Originally Posted by Moe2 View Post
It gives me chills reading through my old clans posts and messages from 3years ago. DannyCap and Polska were really good friends, we chatted on wifi alot during battles, then one day they just never logged back on. Days turned to weeks, turned to months, turned to years. I wonder how they're doing now and if I'll ever talk get to talk to them again. :/
I feel you man. It's weird when you go back and read old clans like this. It's like you're traveling back in time when the clan was active, but you're viewing as a third party. As you read you remember all the good times, the bad times, the lols, the wtfs, until you get to the end when the clan dies. It's like a memory you can't forgot, which is cool and sad at the same time. Like you I wonder what happen to some of my old friends here like flygonruler, ninjaduelist, spenny3, shungokustatsu, etc. I hope they went on and lived their lives, but then in the back of my mind, I wonder if they're still alive. I wish they would come back at least long enough so I could talk to them one last time.......

Wow I made myself all depressed now I'm going to go watch whose line to cheer myself up.
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