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Default Re: URPG Related Chat, Questions and Suggestions

No, that isn't allowed.

On another note, since this issue was brought up recently, the rule of the gym leader not being allowed to refuse any challenges unless he has a valid reason still applies. This applies to any similar positions, including Legend Defender, Elite, Champion or whatever.

Many people reject by saying "not atm", including me, myself. Yes, you do not need to come up with huge IMs of reasons to explain why you can't atm. However, if the challenger does ask why, I kindly ask of you to provide the reason for him. Yeah, it might be annoying at times but how hard will it be, to provide the challenger with your valid reason for not accepting his challenge at that time? Afterall, you applied for the position only if you want to defend. This isn't directed to anyone specific, just making it clear out for everyone.
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