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Default Re: |-Cybertron's Reffing Squadron-|

-Bumblebee's Reffing Squad-




-Normal Terrain-

-Ladder Battle-

-We Taste Pies VS. Shinies-

-Infernape, Bronzong, Weavile VS. Aerodactyl, Infernape, Alakazam-

- Nape used Rock Tomb and Aero Stealth Rocked. Infernape uses Stone Edge and Aero Roars at the pain, sending out Weavile. Weavile uses Pursuit because it suspected a switch... and it was right, KOing Aero. Infernape was sent out. Thinking it was going to switch out, Nape uses Swords Dance, or tries to because Weavile decides to stay and use Taunt. Next turn it Quick Attacks while Nape Mach Punches for the KO. Bronzong is out next, sacrificing itself to KO Infernape. Infernape and Alakazam are sent. Nape uses Fake Out, but forgets about Zams ability and falls down to a Psychic attack.

Shinies - $1ooo
WTP - $5oo
Me - $15oo

Total Salary $3ooo
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