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Default Re: Mission RP Prize List

Originally Posted by Iridium View Post
So, I only get $4.5k? Don't forget we spent $2,500 on the Aura Reader.

Nice prize for spending a month on something and then getting 4.5k in return. Really nice.

And for making four posts, a Ranger gets a Medium mon? And again, I thought the Park was about the Trainers catching Pokemon, and the Rangers getting paid. Nice change =/
Oh yeah, Point taken, and post edited. So in all, You should get 5k Park Credits(to be spent in the Park Mart), 2 Max Potions and the refund of $2,500.

A month? It was merely 18 days, dear. Btw, the prizes are based on how far/in-depth have the Mission RP have been covered, along with some other Goals/Accomplishments done by the Teams. Looking at your Team currently, not even 1/5th of the whole RP Mission has been completed, nor any Goals/Accomplisments made.

Just be glad you got some credits and items(for completing just one battle and another battle hanging in hiatus), also thanks to your recent referal, the refund of the Aura Reader.


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